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Many families today that are experiencing fast-paced lives full of information overload, overcrowded schools, isolation from extended family, and school curricula that are inflexible, are looking for alternatives. These include students who devote daily time to special interests such as equestrian training, music training, a job, modeling, etc.

We also serve families whose children are struggling in their current school setting by formulating a program that suits their specific situation. Regionallyaccredited home school curriculums that offer transferable transcripts and credits as well as a high school diploma, can be the solution.

» Education Place offers a variety of formats to support those students who are using all, or a part of, a home school curriculum.

Montessori Elementary Program

girl_smiling_near_montessori_materialsChildren will benefit from Montessori materials, the ability to work at their own pace, as well as active and varied learning style options.

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What We Offer

student1» Our years of experience as educators have allowed us to design a variety of programs to address the educational needs of students from primary school through college.

» We implement SACS accredited curricula from:
» The Calvert School
» Texas Tech
» The University of Nebraska
» The American School
» Brigham Young University

We are able to guide students to a curriculum that best suites their individual learning style

collabWe begin by helping select an appropriate course list and daily schedule to fit the needs of each student. A timeline for completion, with attainable goals, is created by the teacher and the student in a cooperative effort so that there is ownership and accountability.

This relationship is developed and changes over time so that students learn that this process is ongoing and requires their participation and responsible action.

» Our goal is to help students develop a self-directedness and motivation that will remain with them for life.

Interaction with Your Family

ACLS 010The foundation of the effective relationship that we have with each student is the interaction and partnership with each family. Before any action is taken regarding your current educational situation, the family and educators from Education Place meet to:

» gather information about the student

» make suggestions

» counsel based on individual circumstances

» This involvement continues throughout your child’s experience at Education Place. You can count on us to do exactly what we promise while remaining professional.

» This trust and confidence creates relationships that last for years and leave parents wondering how they ever managed it all before.

More importantly, it creates for the students a warm and caring network of people who truly care about their success and help them to learn from their mistakes. The rewards of this type of relationship cannot be understated.

A History of Success

» Without giving points, coupons, or prizes, our students learn that the best reward for successful performance comes from the accomplishment itself.

» To our great surprise this program has grown faster than any of our other offerings, which demonstrates the difference that Education Place has made for so many families in the community.