The Sean Joseph Kane Memorial Scholarship Fund

has been set up to assist families with tuition. If you would like to contribute please see Anita, Judy or donate directly using Paypal.

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» Education Place is a unique learning environment dedicated to high levels of productivity and integrity.


» We pride ourselves on providing young people with the direction and support to manage their time, learning styles and behavior.

» We provide sufficient guidance and instruction to allow students to navigate their “stops” to learning, without handicapping them with our “help.” Our students are encouraged to do their best within guidelines of integrity.» We coach students to read instructions carefully, to direct answers in response to the question posed, and to check for completeness and accuracy. Students are free to “fail” or to do “minimal efforts work”; they truly have a choice whether or not to learn from their mistakes.


» This involvement continues throughout your child’s experience at Education Place. You can count on us to do exactly what we promise while remaining professional.» This trust and confidence creates relationships that last for years and leave parents wondering how they ever managed it all before.
More importantly, it creates for the students a warm and caring network of people who truly care about their success and help them to learn from their mistakes. The rewards of this type of relationship cannot be understated.

Learning Environment

» Design of our learning environment pulls for independence, organization, responsibility and integrity. Students adhere to ground rules, which adults enforce and renegotiate as needed. These ground rules encompass the social and academic.

» Adults maintain a positive relationship with students by using sound, respectful communication practices, enforcing ground rules, providing instruction and encouragement. Our goal is to empower young people to develop positive relationships with adults and with learning.