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“I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary help you’ve provided to Allie during her college prep time, especially last Fall. She could not have earned the scores she did or qualify to apply to the premier schools she’s been able to without your teaching and guidance. Thank you so very much for all that you’ve done for her. Independent study is not for everyone–it requires a tenacious ability to be flexible and to be a proper scheduler. But, more importantly, it demands that the student be diligent and persistent in order to get her work done. Again, thank you for helping Allie to develop these special qualities.”

-Chris Paradysz, Student: Allie Paradysz, Merit Scholarship to Drew University

“When it came time to apply to college, I had no idea what to do. I knew exactly were I wanted to go, and what I wanted to major in…but as far as the applications went, I was clueless. Anita step-by-step helped me through the process, from printing out the applications to helping me with my essay to actually sending the applications out to schools. It was no surprise when I got into my top choice, and into exactly the program I wanted.

Home schooling with Education Place has definitely benefited me in my first semester of college. One of the most important things I learned is how to budget my time, which now allows me to do my work, study, and even have a little fun. I have also learned how to go about doing the work, such as how to properly papers and using study tactics work best for me.”

-Julie Kruger, Freshman at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.


-Student: Dakota, Age 8

“There is a true caring not only about learning but also about each individual student. The educators find the technique s that motivate each student as well as the techniques that allow them to learn. Not all students can be on the ‘same page’ in their learning development. The Education Place builds on the page the student is on and takes her forward.”

-Linda Skillington, Student: Mary Jenkins, Adult Education

“Education Place possesses the capacity to implement individual curricular programs in a fashion which maxmizes student assimilation in minimal time. This allows the student extra hours each day to experience non-scholastic education and life less on socialization.”

-Dr. James S. Belden, Student: James Belden, Pre-K student, Alternative Education

“Our daughter, Brianne, started with Anita Kane on a tutoring schedule before there was a Education Place. Having a tutor and missing school for circuit was not something that her school in New York was happy about. We, in turn (from having Brianne work with Anita) found that our public school left much to be desired. The following year we enrolled Brianne full time with the newly developed Education Place. I had my doubts…I was brainwashed by public school about how schooling should be.

I still remember the end of that first year when we were moving back to New York for the summer and Brianne was not quite finished with her school year. I talked to Anita about getting a tutor up north to help Brianne and motivate her. She said “I think that you’ll be surprised–I don’t think that Brianne needs a tutor for what is left, and she can call me at any time and I will help her.

Well, I didn’t think that that would be the situation at all, but Brianne and Anita proved me wrong. What had happened to Brianne in the six months that she had worked with Anita was amazing. She was organized and confident and put herself on a rigid schedule and was persistent in working through the tough stuff–not calling Anita unless she had to. She requested that I take her to the stationery store and post office to get her much-needed supplies and stamps, and mailed her work out promptly! What can I say? I was sold, and in January Brianne will be graduating and is betterprepared for college and life after high school than she would have been otherwise.

Thank you Anita!”

-Robin Ford, Student: Brianne Ford, High School Senior, Alternative Education

“Education Place helped my daughter’s grades improve from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s. Her attitude towrds school and learning has also improved. After one year at Education place she is planning to go to college, a goal she did not have a year ago.”

-Victor Politis, Student: Claire Politis, High School Senior, Alternative Education

“Education Place is very flexible in their school day scheduling. Our daughter has been there for 4 years now. She gets her work done by 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, 4 days each week, whichleaves time for her riding, polo, and other activities, which are so important in her life as well as ours.

She likes the interaction between the middle school and high school, and likes the freedom to go to different places for lunch.

Judy Blake and her assistants are very personal, and clearly like helping kids.”

-Maggie Boyle, 4th Grade, Seasonal Students

“The primary classroom provides a stimulating yet nurturing environment for learning. The resources and manipulatives available are first class.”

-Carol Paget-Brown

“Anita really cares about the well-being of her students and goes beyond the call of duty for them! Thank you for your excellent service!”

-Laura and Brian Mirson